New Batch


14 August 2017

“Hi Dennis,” said Ted, “my vodka is still bubbling. I gave it a stir this morning. It’s supposed to be between seventy to eighty degrees. I’m at the bottom end of that, maybe that’s why it’s taking so long. I could get a heating pad. I’ll see how it goes. After that there’s an additive to stop the fermentation and a filter to clear it. My new batch of wine is really good. I took a bottle to my friend up the street. She’s always good to me. There were these other two guys there asking, ‘Can I have one? Can I have one?’ They were loaded to begin with. I said, ‘I’ll sell you a bottle for ten dollars.’ They checked through their change and said, ‘We’ve only got six.’ I said, ‘I’ll let you have this one for six, but next time it’s ten.’ Do you think I did the right thing? I don’t know.

“After that I panned in front of the hotel. There were a lot of guys holding hands and some gorgeous women, but, like a friend advised me, ‘Look for the Adam’s apple.’ Sure enough this woman had an Adam’s apple. I didn’t care, they were handing me fives, twenties, I ended up with a hundred and sixty dollars. I guess that Pride Week starts next week so I got a schedule of the events and I’ll make sure I’m there. Is that okay?”

“I think it’s okay Ted. I don’t see that you’re doing any harm.”

“After that I met a gorgeous woman. She’s thirty-two years old. We went over to my place, had some wine. She asked if I had any drugs. I said, ‘I have some meth.” That didn’t appeal to her so I gave her sixty bucks and she went out and got what she wanted. I don’t know what it was but she was really buzzed. She cleaned my whole apartment. It’s never been so clean. She stayed the night and I’m going to see her again this afternoon. She’s really nice. If I treat her right she might be a keeper. Who knows?”

“I see you have a guitar. Do you play?”

“No, a guy I know was short of cash so I loaned him forty bucks and he left his guitar as collateral. He’s never come back so I’m going to give it to a friend who put me up for seven months. He wouldn’t take a cent for rent.”

“It’s a semi hollow electric bass. I don’t recognize the brand, but it’s probably worth a couple of hundred dollars.”

“I’m not going to sell it. I’ll give it to my friend.”

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