He’s in Jail Now

10 January 2011

This morning I saw Joy for the first time since Christmas. I was so glad to see her. When I sat down beside her I noticed that she had a black eye and other bruises on her face. I put my arm around her and said, “I guess your boyfriend came back?”

“Yeah, Jake came back, he always does, but he’s in jail now. I had a real shitty Christmas. Pardon the language.”

“Are you hungry? Do you want a coffee or anything else?”

“No thanks, I’ve eaten breakfast and have had three cups of coffee. I could use some girl stuff.”

“I’d be glad to help you with that, but there aren’t any stores close by.”

“That’s okay, I’ll make out.”


13 February 2011

I worked at the Shepherds last night. I was washing dishes (not what I particularly enjoy, since there is not much interaction with the guests). I heard a tapping behind me (which I ignored), it continued so I turned around. Some of the regulars help sporadically with kitchen duties, although I haven’t been there long enough to know who does what. I turned around and J.P. was standing at the pass through where I stack the trays. He pointed at a tray of cups. I said, “Oh, you want a cup?” and commenced to hand him one.

‘No, I want the whole fucking tray, sir.”

It was so incongruous that I couldn’t take offence. I smiled and said, “Here you go, Thank you very much for your help.”

This seemed to surprise him, since he is usually the first to start fights, but he brought more dishes into the kitchen, for which I thanked him. and he grunted which is probably the closest to a positive response that he is capable of. I am feeling more and more at home there. These people truly need friends who will help and encourage them.


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